Ubi Es is an application for SmartPhone or tablet running Android. This software can locate people and distribute at the same time his own position. Its purpose is to provide a tool that allows multiple people to follow each others, like a trip with multiple cars, or to reach a given point.

This software is not intended to spy on users. When the software is closed, it does not release any position. You choose at any time which people can receive your position, and they will give you theirs for yours.

It is also possible to retain the position of certain places, such as the position where you parked your car in a big city or the hotel where you are on vacation to make it easier to come back to.

The quality of the diffusion of the positions is dependent on the quality of a data network (3G).

Available Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish.

Authors: Gilles & Philippe Mignard

The application is available on Google Play.
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